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Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 8:54 PM
No one will ever understand how i feels,
i may look happy, but im not at all happy.
Really very stress and fuck up with my life.
This isnt the type of life i wanted.
Everything changed a lot.
Too much at a go.
Problems with teachers, friends, family.
Grandma gonna go for operation soon. ):
Received warning letter, kick out from competition and called parents down in school.
Friends, never ending problems.
When is all this shit going to end?
i damn tired already.
Broke down in school yesterday, cried so hard in front of wx. ):
Went to haw par villa today, really fucking shag.
Everything seems to be playing in my mind all over again.
Sitting down at the table, play true or dare.
Spamming photos in the toilet.
Really a lot of things we did together.
I thought i let everything go already.
But in fact, i havent.
Im still brooding so much over it.
Sick and tired of all this already.
When will all this end?
Can i get to refresh my mind and let all this memory leave at once?
Everything together.
This is a very big blow, i cant take it.
Im a loser.
FUCK MY LIFE!!! KNNBCCB!! )(*&%^$#%$^%^*()$*@!&^RF!G

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