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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 @ 11:23 PM


Monday, June 29, 2009 @ 8:53 PM

Happy birthday Vivian!

I miss 3T1, i miss Miss Foo!

The photos below is found in Jun Wei phone!

School is bored. About H1N1. Nothing to say today. The teachers in TKSS sucks! They're all suckers! Fuck! I hate school life! It's boring, fuck boring! I see no point in going school!
School is like JAIL! I hate school life! I want holiday!!!!!

Wrong decision!

@ 12:24 AM
Couldn't sleep.
Woke up and use com.

Happy birthday Vivian!

Sunday, June 28, 2009 @ 9:33 PM
Anybody interested in ordering buffet or anything, feel free to view this.

@ 8:25 PM

Woke up around 10am.
Blog and went to buy lunch and spray back.
After that went to Hougang Mall arcade.
Meet Andreas and Jun Wei there.
After that went to spray bike.
Then slack awhile at Dehao house while waiting for me to bath.
After that went to arcade.
Head home around 10pm.

Woke up around 11am.
Went to Hougang Mall arcade.
And ate lunch.
After that went to my aunt house, slack awhile.
Head for dinner and head home after that.

Anyway, happy birthday Hui Yu!

Wrong Decision!

Saturday, June 27, 2009 @ 11:13 AM
Woke up around 9.30am.
Cab down to ECP, had mac for breakfast.
Then went to arcade.
Haven open, the arcade open at 12.
So wait outside for JunWei and Andreas.
Then went in to the arcade.
Play for a while and decided to ride bike.
Rent a bike for 2hours for $6.
We ride to Bedok South then to school outside for lunch and back to ECP.
Saw Fana and all outside school busstop, they were going to ECP too.
Ride back to ECP return bike and went to arcade.
Cab home after that.
Went to Clinic for injection, flu vaccination.
Dinner and home.

Woke up around 10am.
Cab to ECP, went for breakfast and arcade.
Meet Andreas at arcade.
After that went to rent a bike 3 hours for $8.
Ride to school outside for lunch, ate Bagus.
ECP to school: 16 minutes.
Ride to JunWei house after that, at old airport road.
School to Jun Wei house: 16 minutes.
Slack at JunWei house, wash my hair and wait for him to bath and all.
After that head to ECP.
Went wrong way, went to paya lebar then to ecp.
Took a super big round!
All thanks to that bloody Andreas.
Reach ECP, Jun Wei reach ECP first.
Then return the bike.
Went to Arcade and then mac for dinner and back to arcade.
Cab home after that.
Reach home around 11+.

Will be meeting JunWei and Andreas today.

Wrong decision i did.

Thursday, June 25, 2009 @ 10:13 AM
Woke up around 9.30am.
Bath and came downstair to use com.
While Dehao is bathing.
Didn't meet Natalie and Junwei yesterday.
Cause, Junwei house doesn't have water.
So cannot bath then cannot come out.
Then cancel the meeting with Natalie.
Haha, but she was about t leave house liao.
Haha, paisae ah. Blame it on junwei.
Going out later.

R. What happening?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 @ 12:54 PM
Woke up around 8am.
Bath and cab to school outside with Dehao.
Meet Natalie, Wei Cheng and Junwei around 9.30am.
After that took bus 7 to Lavender ICA to make my IC.
Then took bus 12 to Pasir Ris, meet Chunhowe there and had our lunch.
After that took 403 to Pasir Ris Park.
Rent Roller Blade. Play for 1 hour.
All of us fall. Except for Natalie Tan Bird Bird.
She didn't play! Asshole.
I fell 3 times.
All thanks to that bloody bird bird.
After that went to my Aunt house near Pasir Ris Park.
Took a bath and slack there a while with all of them.
Then cab to Century Square for arcade.
Then Weicheng went home.
Play a few games.
After that took bus 31 to East Coast Park.
Went up to Natalie house for the toilet.
Then walk to East Coast Park.
Sat at the beach there for a while and head to ECP arcade.
Play a few game of maximum tune.
Then went to the beach there slack.
Cab home around 11pm.

Woke up arond 10.30am.
Woke up by Dehao!
Watch TV awhile and Cab to his house.
Will be staying at his house.
Will be meeting Junwei and Natalie later!


Monday, June 22, 2009 @ 10:35 PM

Buffet setup done by me on saturday.
Comments please!

@ 10:31 PM
Woke up around 5.30am.
Went to work.
Reach home around 3pm.
Took a rest and Dehao came to meet me.
After that i went to bath and cab to bedok to buy pants.
After that went to Chunhowe house downstair for Fried rice.
Cut my hair there. Slack with Junwei and Dehao at tampines there.
Cab home after that.
That bloody Natalie put me aeroplane!


Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 11:28 PM
Woke up arund 5.45am.
Took bus 854 to Yishun meet Terence and Charmaine.
After that went to work.
Got quite a number of buffet.
Saw Terence Cao Guo Hui and Zhang Yao Dong waiting for their lorry come take the packet lunch.
They work at the place same as my aunt, just a few kitchen away.
After load all the tables and chairs on the lorry.
While loading a very heavy basket that contain buffet stand and all. The Terence Cao wanted to help me but i said it's ok. LOL!
After that wait for the food to cook and load it in the lorry.
Head to Chua Chu Kang to send buffet.
I setup the table, will post the photos of it, next time.
After that went back to kitchen, unload all those stupid things in the lorry.
Then load food on the lorry.
Head to Taman Jurong. It's wedding, so many people.
But quite little food.
They wanted to order 2 more plates of cream puff and chocolate eclair.
So we head back to the kitchen to take the cream puff and chocolate eclair.
And sent it to them.
After that we to have a drinks and head back to kitchen.
Rest for around 1 hour and drove out to Chua Chu Kang again, to clear the food.
After Chua Chu Kang, went to Taman Jurong to clear the food.
Went back to the kitchen to have a late dinner.
Head home around 10pm.
Reach home at 11pm.
Bath and now here blogging.
Super tiring day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009 @ 11:20 PM

Just read something from my aunt's blog.
I know, my grandfather will get well!
I believe in him!
He's the best guy i have ever seen!
The best grandfather in the world!
He will get well!
I know, what he said isn't serious.
He just don't know what he's talking about.
I will do my promise and get a good results for my N level!
I want to celebrate my birthday every year with the both of you!
Without you guys, i won't be here.
You guys take good care of me since i was young till now.
I even gave both of you attitude in the past.
But now, i have learn how to cherish the both of you.
I wanna both of you by my side forever!
I really respect the both of you!

外公, 加油! 我知道你做得到的。

外公, 外婆 我爱您。

@ 9:37 PM
Woke up around 5.30am.
Took 854, meet Terence and Charmaine at Yishun.
Went to work.
Reach home around 6pm.

Woke up around 5.30am.
Took 854, meet Terence and Charmaine at Yishun.
Went to work.
After work, went to somewhere near west coast.
Wanted to fix the car but the worker say no need.
So went to chomp chomp for dinner.
Ate quite a lot of things.
Head home after that.

Woke up around 6.30am.
Took 854, meet Terence at Yishun.
Saw Syuhaidah in 854 alighting at khatib MRT.
Went to work.
Actually suppose to send buffet to Yishun Safra.
But end up no enough worker so went to Printer to sell food.
Head back to the kitchen around 1.30pm.
Took all the food for evening buffet.
Went to Yishun Safra to send buffet.
After that went to Bedok reservoir to put stools and tables for tomorrow buffet.
After that went to Bedok 85 the hawker centre for mince meat noodle and some other food.
And i think i saw Weixin and Weishan riding bike at there.
Head home after that.
Play wii, funny game. Kinda fun.
Bath and here blogging.

Having buffet tomorrow.
Arghs, i wanna rest!

R. Loves.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 @ 9:37 PM
Woke up at 5.30am.
Took 854 to Yishun to meet Terence and Charmaine.
In the end, slept in the bus.
Slept till Yishun Interchange.
Then i need walk far far to their house.
Damn suey one.
End work around 2pm.
Went to Little India to do flower.
Head home around 6.
Ate curry rice and doze off while watching tv.

R. It's you.
Genius doesn't argue with noob, you noob.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 @ 5:57 PM
李圣杰 - 远走高飞


This is a very meaning song.

For you, R.

@ 5:42 PM
thanks Huishan, Ranson and Junwei for your listening ears on sunday night.

Woke up around 6am.
Late for work.
Haha, took bus 72 to Yio Chu Kang.
Then change MRT to Jurong East.
Change bus to work, forget what number.
Came back around 4, play wii.
Came online, but lazy to blog.

Woke up around 5.30am.
Took bus 854 to Yishun meet Terence and Charmaine.
Today was super bored, AVA came to check.
So got to wear gloves and the what thing on the head.
Head home after that.

I will cherish you, i promise.
Never going to do those stupid things again.
Cherish it now before i regret later.
R. It's you.

@ 12:54 AM
Junwei here.
Blog Skin, Something got problem.
No time to change.
She'll change it soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009 @ 6:52 PM
Kinda miss this guy, Dehao! He's out of singapore!

@ 6:39 PM
1. Real name : Wei Ting
2. Nickname : tudigua
3. Star sign : Scorpio
4. Male or female : Female.
5. Primary school : Hong Wen
6. Secondary school : Telok Kurau
7. JC/POLY : Both also don't want
8. Hair color : Black and Gold
9. Long or short : Short
10 . Loud or Quiet : Loud
11. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans
12. Phone or camera : Phone
13. Health freak : No
14 . Drink or smoke : Both
15 . Do you have a crush on someone : Yes
16 . Eat or drink : Both
17 . Piercings : Ear, Nose, Lips.
18 . Tattoos : Yupp.
19. Been in an airplane : Yep
20 . Been in a relationship : Yes
21 . Been in a car accident : No
22 . Been in a fist fight : No.
23. First piercing : Ear.
24 . First best friend : Fenny
25 . First award : Sports day
26 . First Crush : Secret
27 . First Vacation : Hong Kong
28 . Last person you talked to : Qian Hao
29 . Last person you texted to : Ranson
30 . Last person(s) you watched a movie with : Forgot
32. Last food you ate : Chicken Rice
33 . Last movie you watched : Forgot
34 . Last song you listened to : 爱海滔滔
35 . Last thing you bought : Bubble Tea
36 . Last person you hugged : Forgot
37 . Food : Don't know.
38. Drinks : Pokka Green Tea!
39 . Clothing : Don't know
40 . Books : Ghost story
41 . Song : Too much
42 . Flower : Hate it
43 . Colors: Green
44 . Movies : Too much
45 . Phrase : Don't know
46 . Subjects : Don't know
You ever done before ;
47 . Kissed in the snow : No
48 . Celebrated Halloween : No
49. Had your heart broken : Ya
50 . Went over the minutes on your cell phone : No?
51 . Someone questioned your sexual orientation : No
52 : Came out of the closest : No
53 . Gotten pregnant : No
54 . Had an abortion : No
55 . Done something you've regretted : Ya
56 . Broke a promise : Ya
57 . Hid a secret : Ya
58 . Pretended to be happy : Ya.
59 . Met someone who changed your life : Ya
60 . Pretended to be sick : Ya
61 . Left the country : Ya
62 . Tried something you normally wouldn't try & liked it : Ya
63 . Cried over the silliest thing : Ya
64 . Ran a mile : No
65 . Went to the beach with your best friend(s) : Ya
66 . Stay single the whole year : No
Currently ;
67 . Eating : No
68. Drinking : No
69. I'm about to : Reply someone message
70 . Listening to : 爱海滔滔
71 . Plans for tomorrow : Working
72 . Waiting for : Him.
73 . Want kids : Ya?
74. Want to get married : Ya
75 . Careers in mind : Don't know?
76 . Which is better than Girl / Boy : Both
76 . Lips or eyes : Don't know
77 . Shorter or taller : Taller
78 . Romantic or spontaneous : Romantic
79 . Nice stomach or nice arms : Don't know?
80. Sensitive or loud : Loud
81 . Hook-up or relationship : Don't know?
82. Trouble-maker or hesistant : None
Have you ever ;
83. Lost glasses/ contacts : No
84. Ran away from home : Ya
85. Hold a gun or knife for self defense : No
86 . Killed somebody : No
87 . Broken someone's heart : Ya
88 . Been arrested : No
89. Cried when someone died : Of course!
Do you believe in ;
90 . yourself : Ya
91. Miracles : Maybe?
92 . Love at first sight : Ya
93 . Heaven : Ya
94 . Santa Claus : No
95 . Sex on the first date : No
96 . Kiss on the first date : No
97. Is there one person you want to be with right now : Ya, R.
98 . Are you seriously happy with where you are in life : Quite
100 . This is the 100th & last question : -.-
Now tag 10 people to do this : Anyone.

@ 4:56 PM
Friends doing all these type of stupid things?
Yet i trust you so much.
I need someone to talk to!

@ 10:23 AM
Slept around 3am yesterday night.
Woke up at 9.30am.
Had my Hotcake with Sausage.
Then here using com.

R. I kinda regret what i did. I miss those days texting you. Can we go back? Can you text me? When will i receive a message from you again? R. I'm sorry. I didn't cherish it at the start and i'm now regretting it. I know it's too late regreting now. R. I wanna go back to the past, i miss those days messaging with you. I really hope to receive a message from you. Everytime my phone rings, how i hope it's you. I really regret what i did. I really hope to go back to the past. R. Can you forgive me? Text me will you?

Saturday, June 13, 2009 @ 11:56 PM
Waiting for huishan to online! Bored.

I realise, i'm happier without you guys.
I'm happier now.
The people who go out with me, won't complain, no matter how far it is.
I chose the correct path.
I didn't regret what i did.
Instead, i did it correctly.
Without you guys, i can survive!
Even better then last time.
You guys change a lot, alot alot.


I miss Natalie Tan Bird Bird!

@ 10:58 PM
Woke up around 6.
Went to work.
Head home around 7.

Dehao came to Hougang and meet me.
After that went to bedok, he bought a jeans.
After that go back to Hougang, he cut hair.
Went back home after that.
Play wii.
Finally it rain today!

R. I kinda regret what i did. I really wish to text you again. It's too late regreting now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009 @ 7:23 PM
It have been a few days ever since i blog.
Very tired and busy.

Woke up around 5.30am.
Took bus to Yishun.
Meet Terence and Charmaine.
Went to work.
Came back home around 4pm.
Meet Natalie and Dehao at night.
They came to Hougang point meet me.
Thanks Nat for coming down.
Had dinner at Hougang Point kopitiam.
After that walk around and slack at block.
Accompany Natalie wait for cab and went home.

Woke up at 3.30am.
Cause got 80 packets breakfast. Zzz.
After that got packet dinner order from touch young arrow (FCBC) at Ngee ann primary.
So went to send it.
Reach home around 7pm.

Woke up around 3.30am.
Went to work.
Reach home around 5 - 6pm.
Kinda late due to collecting of buffet at Ngee ann Primary.
Bath and Dehao came to my meet me at home.
Play wii for a while. Waiting for Natalie to contact me.
After that cab down to ubi.
Meet Natalie at my house downstair.
Went back to take something.
After that walk out of my house there.
Went for dinner.
Tear at bunch of leaflet at the wall there.
Did a very funny joke.
Walk around and gave the leaflet to the people around.
Natalie and Dehao act like they don't know me.
Very joke.
After that cab to Hougang Mall.
Play arcade for a while.
Cab home after that.
Thanks Nat and DH.

Woke up around 3.30am.
Went to work.
Left the kitchen around 2.
Cause people order buffet from us at Boon Keng.
Went to Fairprice and Sheng siong to look for food for tomorrow.
Reach home around 5.30pm.
Still haven finish looking for it.
Going for dinner and going to Hougang Point find later.

Something happen today around 1.
I went to smoke at staircase somewhere near the kitchen.
When i walk back.
R: Orh hor! Ymm scolding you.
YMM: Where you go?
ME: Toilet lors.
Look around, saw Terence, Charmaine and Raymond laughing.
LOL. Know what happen liao.
Going for dinner liaos, BYE!

How are you, R.?

Sunday, June 7, 2009 @ 10:33 PM
Went for remedial and Natalie came to meet us.
Bus to Tampines.
Chunhowe return fine and took the free shuttle bus to IKEA.
Leonard and the hotdog.
Went for dinner at chunhowe house there.
After that Natalie and me accompany Junwei go home take tent.
Went to ECP find linquan and pass to him.
Cab home after that.

Meet Leonard at Natalie house.
Went to ECP around 10 plus in the morning.
Went to subway and slack awhile.
Chunhowe, dehao and Junwei came.
Went swimming.
After that got Natalie house bath.

Went to aunt carol house for advance father's day celebration and andrew birthday.
Had BBQ.

Woke up around 6 and went to work.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009 @ 9:31 PM
I just read her blog.
R. I think she really love you.
All the best to you!

@ 9:01 PM
End work and cab back home.
Meet Natalie at her house.
Went to Parkway.
Natalie collect her phone.
Bus down to Hougang.
Went to my cousin house take my psp and change.
Went to Hougang Mall after that and meet my cousin.
Went for dinner.
That bloody Natalie spoil my meal!
Cab home after that.

Woke up around 7.
Meet Chun Howe and Shauki at great eastern at 8.30am.
Went to smoke and went to school.
Maths and CPA remedial.
End school around 12.
Natalie and Leonard wait for us outside school.
Standing outside waiting for my cousin.
Mr Raj came out and catch us.
For nothing. LOL!
Went to Parkway for lunch and head to ECP.
Rent bike and ride.
After that went to Natalie house.
Slack awhile and Cab home.

R. I gave up.

Monday, June 1, 2009 @ 11:36 PM
Didn't sleep last night, that bloody Natalie wanted to chat with me. But doze off half way!
Went to work at 3.30am.
Message Natalie at that time, she replied. Kinda suprised.
Very suey today.
Power failure, leg got cut, finger got cut, got bitten by ants.
End work around 4.
Head to my cousin house after that.

R., i will wait.
I kinda regret what i did.
Hope i still get the reply from you.
Ily, R.

@ 12:39 AM
It's over, boy. Thanks for being there for the past few days. I really appreciate it alot. 17 days, gone in just 5 minutes. Take care, R. I'm giving up. I'm lousy, like what you said. All the best, young man. I love you.

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