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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 @ 2:06 PM
Meet Junwei in the morning.
Had lunch together.
Then he accompanied me to Jumbo.
Work from 12 - 3 and 6 - 12.

Meet Natalie at Eunos.
Had breakfast and bought some stuffs.
She cut my tail away. Cause i'm caught with the tail. ) :
Cab to work while she bus to her sister's place.
Work from 12 - 3 and 6 - 12.


After. (:

Happy birthday to MDM TAN!

Working later.
6 till 11.

75 days. ):

Monday, December 28, 2009 @ 9:41 AM
Webcam with Dehao yesterday night.

Got in Food & Beverage for full-time course.
But pointless.
Already signed up for traineeship.

Working at Jumbo Indoor stadium outlet later.
Hope everything is fine.
Traineeship starts during april.


Sunday, December 27, 2009 @ 4:09 PM
Grandpa watching his favourite "da xi".
Grandpa's favourite seat.

Found this 2 photos in my phone.
He was still fine during July.
Still can go to temple at little india there watch his favourite show in his favourite seat, cut dried leaf.


Friday, December 25, 2009 @ 12:45 AM

Merry Christmas!

Unhappy Christmas.
No family gathering.
Grandpa not around. ) :
Merry Christmas Grandpa!
70 days.

Thursday, December 24, 2009 @ 10:14 PM
Went to interview today!
Will start work on this coming monday at Jumbo Restaurant located at Indoor Stadium ( Kallang ).
Traineeship starts at April!
I think, i will like the job!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 @ 9:49 PM
Interview at Jumbo Seafood tomorrow with Chunhowe at 9.30am.
Hope i don't scold the interviewer " Like dog sia".
Like what i did during the Robinson sale's interview.
Hopefully i pass the interview.

Christmas is coming.
No more family gathering. ):
My mum, aunt and Grandma not in singapore.
Hais. Even if we gather together, also not fun anymore. ):

65 days.
I miss you. ) :

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 @ 8:49 PM
Thanks Natalie Tan Brainless Bird for chatting with me throughout the night.
Chat with her on the phone from 12 till 5.45am.
Till i fall asleep and she felt phek chek and hang up the phone.
Slept for few minutes and off to work.
Natalie slept till 1pm.
Talk about alot of things.
All those past.

Will be going for interview on thursday.
Hopefully i can get in.

64 days. ) :

Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 10:12 PM
Meet chunhowe at Tampines interchange.
After that Huiqing's dad drove us to Dover ITE Headquarter.
Listened to their talk about Traineeship.
Signed up and settle our stuffs there.
Head to Simei after that.
Went to arcade to have a few games.
Then we saw Miss Tan and Miss Chew at East point.
Nothing to do at there.
So had a bet with Chunhowe.
See who can find the teachers first.
Whoever found the teachers, will get a cigarette.
Me and Huiqing went to 4th floor and 5th floor.
Can't see anyone there.
Chunhowe search the 2nd floor.
End up he found the teachers.
Haha! He won the bet! ):
Huiqing went back home.
Me and Chunhowe took bus 9.
Wanted to go to Bedok to find some office wear attire.
Took bus 9.
Wend to somewhere behind changi village.
We need the don't know what card than can go in.
End up got chase down the bus.
Damn joke. Took bus 9 back.
Drop at 201.
Had dinner and cab home.

@ 8:21 PM
Meet Chunhowe at Tampines interchange.
Huiqing's dad drove us to ITE headquarter located at Dover.
Went there to see the talk about traineeship.
I signed up for Food & Beverage traineeship.
Chun Howe signed up for Office service traineeship.
And Hui Qing signed up for Infocom traineeship.
I signed up for the full time courses too.
1st choice - Food & Beverage.
2nd choice - Culinary skills ( Western ).
3rd choice - Pastry and Baking.
4th choice - Community Care & Social Service.
5th choice - Service skills ( Office ).
Sign up for 5 choices only.
Maximum 10 choices.
But no other ideas already.
Will be going for the interview at Jumbo Seafood.
Chunhowe will be doing office work at Jumbo Seafood too.
If we have a sucessful interview, we can work together at the same place but different job.

Sunday, December 20, 2009 @ 10:33 PM
Happy birthday Grandpa!

Grandma, Mum and My Aunt is off to Penang tomorrow.
Bon voyage!

Saturday, December 19, 2009 @ 9:58 PM
2006 - 1 Loyalty - Mdm Tan
A nerdy looking girl....
First day to school, my first friend was Connie Wee.
Followed by Vivian.
Was in the same class with Jessica, Vivian and Jiahao... ...
Mixed around with Jessica Lim, Audrey, Xiu wen and Vivian everyday after school.
Mdm Tan was my form teacher at that time.
Got complain by her.
Started to know Jessica, Natasha and Desiree around June during Miss Tan's chinese lesson.
Soon after that, we became good friends.
Promted to Sec 2 NA.

2007 - 2 Loyalty - Mrs Chan
Started smoking.
Same class as Jessica, Jiahao, Ricky, Chun Howe, Brandon... ...
Had fun during sec 2.

6 of us, Natalie, Jessica, Vivian, Natasha, Desiree and me became sistership.
We smoked together, we laughed together.
We did almost everything together.
Still remember there was a day where i ponten with Jessica and came to school outside to wait for our friends. Got caught by Miss Tan Sei Hui. Bluff her that we've counselling. End up got suspended for truant.
Always got suspended with Hidayah.
Make fun of teacher, scold teachers, smoke in school, fight in school, truant etc... ...
Got suspended a lot of time.
Almost got expelled.
Before End-of-year science paper, drank with Jessica in the morning. I went in to school with a pale face. Ended up scoring 2 / 100 for my science.
Looking back to my report book, got U for every exam.
Retain-ed at Sec 2 NA.
Hidayah retained too.

2008 - 3T1 - Miss Foo, Mdm Sahara
Appeal to Sec 3 NT.
Didn't want to waste a year at NA ending up going to ITE.
Join the new class.
New friends, new subjects.
Manage to catch up in EBS and CPA.
Mixed with Hidayah at the start.
But after she stop schooling, i started mixing with Chunhowe and Junwei.
Only get to see all my sisters before school, recess and after school.
Changed to a good girl.
Skip school.
But didn't smoke in school only sometimes.
Promoted to sec 4 NT.

2009 - 4T2 - Mdm Aishah, Mdm Sahara.
Decided to study hard together with Chunhowe and Junwei.
Although we slept in class but we studied and do teachers homework.
Got into a fight with the express students.
Got internal suspension for around 3 weeks.
That was before the mid year.
Luckily i did my mid year quite well.
Never got suspended this year.
Changed to a really good students that study! xD
Broke off sistership.
Promoted to ITE!

Had fun in school.
Thanks to all the teachers for scolding me and giving me chances.
Thanks to Mr Singh, if you didn't gave me so many chances to change, i think i won't be in school anymore.
Thanks TKSS!

@ 9:51 PM
Got my results yesterday.
Was kinda shock.
Didn't do really well in my N level.
And i'm so confident that i will fail D&T and Maths.
But i pass both of them, got A for D&T and D for Maths.
English = B
Maths = D
Computer Application = A
Design and Technology = A
Elements of Business Skills = B
Chinese = A

Grandpa, i had fulfiled my promise to you.
I promise that i'll do well in my N level.
I love you, Grandpa.

Still deciding which course to sign up for?
Food & Beverage or Community Care & Social Service?

Monday, December 7, 2009 @ 2:17 PM
Food poisoning and Gastric flu.
Got to eat 7 types of medicine 3 times a day.

52 days.

Friday, December 4, 2009 @ 10:47 PM
Today is Grandpa's 7th 7 weeks.
Grandpa's tablet is now place at my Uncle place.

49 days without Grandpa.

Thursday, December 3, 2009 @ 10:00 PM
I dreamt about Grandpa.
We have a family gathering at one of my Aunt's house.
I went towards the door and knock the door.
Somebody open the door and i saw Grandpa sitting inside.
I walk towards him and asked my brother to take photo for me with Grandpa.
My brother don't want to. ( What i thought was, even if we took the photo, i think Grandpa can't be seen. )
I asked my Grandpa, when are you leaving?
He answered, i don't know.
I asked Him, what time are you leaving?
He answered, i don't know.
I asked Him, wait for Jiu Jiu ok?
He answered, ok.
I immediately called my uncle to come over to my Aunt's house because Grandpa is here.

& i woke up from my sleep. ) :

48 days without Grandpa.

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