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Thursday, April 30, 2009 @ 7:35 PM
School as usual.
Manage to go to class.
For our N level coursework.
After school went to see mr singh.
Natalie came to school but i was dismiss late.
So i ask her go home first.
Sorry ehs, pang sei you.
After school, slack awhile and bus home.

An apple a day, keep the pork flu away!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 @ 9:13 PM
School as usual.
Went for RTC ( Reflective Thinking Center) during lesson.
After that, felt bored and we went to the library to do my DnT coursework for N level.
After that 1.30pm couldn't go up to hall.
So stayed at RTC.
When bell ring we went to find Mr Pramjit Singh. But he not free.
So we went to had our lunch.
When we walk out the gate, Janet boyf stare at Chunhowe.
So we had a fight there.
I spoke to the guy, he ignore me.
So i shout and gave one punch in anger.
Then we talk talk talk. & make Audrey come back from Tampines for nothing. Sorry!
Around 3.40 we went back to RTC.
Late for 40 mins. We went in the room and teacher say we can go home.
Haha. So we wait for Leonard at canteen.
After that they went soccer. I sat there doing nothing.
Cab home after that. Change into slipper and change to small bag.
Went to Eunos starhub with my mum.
Head home after that.

An apple a day, keep your mama away!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 @ 7:27 PM


An apple a day, keep the swine flu away!

@ 7:04 PM


An apple a day, keep your mama away!

@ 6:52 PM

Credits to Natalie.

An apple a day, keep your mama away!

@ 6:23 PM
Meet Natalie in the morning 8.
When to have breakfast at Parkway mac.
After that she go see doctor.

9 - 11.30.
After that Chunhowe came and meet us.
Cab down to Arab street for Sheesha.
After that went to Fu Lu Shou there make my the god thing.
Then went to Rochor for POSB.
Head to Sim Lim for earpieace.
Then walk to parklane for arcade.
Cab home after that.


Meet Natalie outside school.
With Vivian, went to the coffee shop outside school to eat.
After that cab down to parkway, i went to see doctor.
Wait so long.
Chunhowe, Junwei, Peter and Richard came.
After the doctor, i went to Natalie house.
She went home to change and we cab down to her ah ma house.
After that bus down to bedok.
Natalie wanted to buy her Jeans.
I bought a pants for 16bucks, kinda cheap.
Then the both of us bought a cap.
Cab home after that.

Will post photos later on when i receive it.

Pork is infected with flu.
Porky Lam with flu?! LOL.

An apple a day, keep yout mama away!

Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Currently at home.
Sick! Tired to go to school too.
So boring.
Going out later.

An apple a day keep your mama away.

Sunday, April 26, 2009 @ 6:01 PM

Woke up at 12pm. Slept at around 3 yesterday. Woke up and bathe. Went to find my ah gong all at the temple. After that went for lunch at my childhood place, Jalan Besar. After that head home. Going out for dinner later, i don't know who will be going.

Green, Black and Red is my colour!

An apple a day, keep your mama away!

@ 2:32 AM
So bored.
Nothing better to do.
Kinda tired.
Off to sleep now!

Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 11:12 PM
Meet Natalie at Eunos block 25 at around 11.30am. Went for bah kut teh at the coffee shop behind Eunos. After that went to 'lan' from 12pm - 1pm. Played audition. Then Terrence came at 12.30pm. At around 1, went to the coffee shop again, Terrence need to eat his lunch, so accompany him go. Chunhowe came and meet us at the coffee shop, after that we walk to Eunos interchange to meet Fiona. Then train down to Bugis, walk to Haji Lane for sheesha. Left there around 5. Chunhowe went to work, Fiona and Terrence went home. So left me and Natalie, we went to Bugis Street to walk walk, Natalie want to buy studs and i bought something too(: Forget to buy the string for my the god thing, cause school don't allow silver chain. After that, train down to Sengkang, went to Compass point. Took brochure from Starbucks. And shop shop, making a fool of ourself at kiddy palace. Ate at Kfc. After that slack at Compass point entrance there. Cab home around 10. Crappies. Kinda fun.

Natalie, chinese opera!



Vivian! Look what you did to my hand!

Marlboro fresh mint!

Who does this resemble? LOL! :O

An apple a day, keep your mama away.
There's not a need for me to scam you!

@ 10:13 AM
Going out soon. Going to do my EBS coursework. About coffee houses. So boring. Lots and lots of homework to do too. Need to pass up all on monday. Wth. 8 english paper, 2 maths paper. It's not just 1 page. It's more then 30 pages. Damn. How to finish? Arghs.

An apple a day, keep your mama away!

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