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Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 11:33 PM
Full of lies!
Fuck you, bastard.
Knnbccb, you won't know how it feels like!
You think it's very shiok?
Fuck you!
You're too much!
Way too much!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 @ 11:55 PM
Went out with jiahao, Natalie and weicheng.
Went to cheng's house.
Talked to his dad.

Stupid Nevin put us aeroplane.

Cheng, this is for you.
We really hope you'll change.
It's for your own good.
We all want you good.
Whatever promises you made,
make sure it's not broken promises.
We have trust in you and we believe you can change.
It's the matter of time.
This will be the last chance.
It's up to you to prove it or not.
If you don't want,
your future will be ruin.
We can't force you to do anything.
We can only hope and pray for the best.
We already did our best to help you.
It's your own performance now.
Keep your promise!

Hao, this is for you.
Even though you drop out of school already.
But you're still taking private N's.
Study hard and we can get in to ITE together.
You, me, cheng and Nevin.
Maybe different course.
But definitely same campus.
All the best!
Study hard!

Nevin, this is for you.
Hopefully tomorrow is a lucky day for you.
Hope that your problem with Mr Singh can be solve easily.
All the best! Goodlucks! :D


@ 12:08 PM
Cheng, how are you?
Cheng, we'll pray for you,
porbi you'll be fine.
If you really go in pae,
we'll all be waiting for you.
Our promises, friends till old.

Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 10:07 PM
Hais. Fucking shag this few days. Unfortunately things keep on happening.
I need someone to talk to, anyone?
Not in any mood this few days.
If time could rewind,
I'll still do the same things but in a different way.
I'll keep you by my side, not letting the bitch take you away.
I regretted, giving you up, letting you go.
And let that bitch win.
If that time, I was strong.
We might still be together now.
Whatever things you said,
is not that i don't wanna believe.
Is that I've lost trust on you.
And it'll take a long time to gain it back.
Very sad and moodless nowadays.
Drinking, anyone?
You promised me, you'll change.
Although I know you won't.
But I still going to wait for that day.
You're going Thailand, is that true?
I wanna forget you but I can't.
I tried but I alwad failed to do so.
2 years plus already.
You didn't seem to change at all.
You're still the same old you.

When I heard from my friends that you went clubbing,
I jitao shag.
Drank with them,
now with rashes all over my hand.
Iwbwftdyc! ILY!


Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 3:19 PM
Having night life this few months.
Meet Audrey at 3.30am.
Cab to east coast for prawning.
After that around 6am, Fiona came.
Prawn-ed till 8.30am.
BBQ it and eat it.
Slack at there till 10am.
Cab to Pasir ris inter, fiona want to get a ring.
After that bused down to Audrey's house.
Called xiuwen, then she came over to Audrey's house.
Walk-ed to Tampines mall, bought a wallet.
Me and Audrey train-ed to Redhill to get something.
Had KFC at bukit merah.
Received a call from weicheng, asking me to go sheesha with them.
Cab down to jurong east find Weicheng, Nevin and Jiahao.
Slack at his house till 5.30pm.
Cab to Haji lane for sheesha.
Had lime sheesha.
ARound 8.30pm, terrence came.
Settled our problem.
And went back to haji lane for another round of sheesha.
This time round, orange sheesha and Vodka + 7up.
Drink until 11pm.
Cab down to geylang, drank carlsberg there.
Drank till 2.30am like that, cab home.
Shag-ed. _l_

Kinda sick now.
Sore throat, cough and rashes! _l_

Why am i like a fool?
Treating you so well and that's what i get in return.
You gonna regret it, fucker!
I swear, i gonna forget you.
Fucked up! _l_

191 days,
Grandpa, i miss you! ):

Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 11:22 PM
Happy birthday, Mr Wilson Tay!

182 days,
Grandpa i miss you! ):

Saturday, April 10, 2010 @ 9:11 PM
Went prawning on friday night with Wei Cheng and Jimmy.
Went out at 8pm, prawn-ed from 11.30pm till 3.30am.
47 prawns! Hoseh uh!
BBQ, eat, talk, smoke, till 5am.
Cab home after that.

176 days,
Grandpa i miss you! ):

Sunday, April 4, 2010 @ 8:33 PM
Cab to Junwei's house at 4am.
Around 4.45am, Weicheng came and join us.
Slack, eat, talk cock.
Had fun.
Cab back home around 7am.
Dropp-ed Weicheng back home.
Although its a short period of time, but we enjoyed it! :D

170 days,
Grandpa, i miss you! ):

Saturday, April 3, 2010 @ 10:10 PM
Height and weight changed but face and hair never change!

I lived in the world for 16 years, 4 months, 27 days.
5,991 days,
143,783 hours,
8,627,040 minutes,
517,622,400 seconds.
But i never seems to do anything that make the world proud.

Well, thanks my Grandparents who brought me up.

Had family gathering yesterday.
Somehow its like a farewell dinner.
Aunt going over to shanghai.
Went up to Grandpa's room.
Felt so empty.
I open up Grandpa's cupboard and flipped through his belonging.
Everything is still placed nicely.
Grandma never keep it away.
Grandma, stay strong!

169 days! ):
I miss you, Grandpa!

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