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Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ 9:26 PM
When my phone rangs,
I thought i was you messaging me.
But, it wasn't.
When are you going to top up your prepaid?
I'm waiting for your message.
Faster faster!

@ 8:20 PM
Hong Wen, my primary school. Used to be at Lavender ( Victoria street), now it move to somewhere around Boon Keng. All the memories we had over there, is gone.
Telok Kurau, a place we call home. Located at Chin cheng avenue.
In 2011, the school will merge with Broadrick Secondary. And the current building of Telok Kurau will be demolish? All the memories we had, is also gone. Kinda sad that the school is gone. Teachers will be seperated. Wonder what will happen to the teacher then. Let's wait and see!

Should i say that i'm suey?
Not having any school that remain still.

How i hope,
Telok Kurau will remain as Telok Kurau.
Which is located at Chin Cheng avenue forever!

@ 4:54 PM
Actually, wanted to go find my grandparents.
End up, bath liao.
Got a call, say no need go -.-
Cause, i just get well from my sickness.
Sian yi bian~

@ 4:08 PM
school as per normal today.
Had some jokes in school.
Just reached home, now going to bath and go my aunt house find my ah gong ah ma! (:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 @ 10:47 PM

Just went to my aunt blog.
Read about my grandpa condition.
I'm sad about his condition now, if i can chose... ...
I will chose to take his illness and make him healthy like before.
But i can't.
Would it be better if he just go off?
I know, i can't bear to see him leaving us, but he's suffering now.
Will he get a better life if he leave us?
Without any suffering?
Without going through any chemotharapy?
Without him coughing?
Grandpa used to be a smoker for a very long period of time.
He adviced me, not to smoke... ...
Grandpa, i'll try not to smoke!
I will try to quit smoking... ...
Wanted to visit my grandpa on last saturday, but i fall sick.
I miss you!
I didn't see you for 10 days already!
Last last Sunday i saw you, with you swollen arm.
I held your hand, and i even ask, why your hand so swollen?
I hope, i didn't hurt you.
I wanna visit you!
I wanna go eat carrot cake with you!
I want you to bring me to school!
I want you to fetch me back from school no matter rain or shine!
Grandpa, i miss those days i stay at your house!
Grandpa, i really want you to be with me forever!
I miss those days when you bring the cane downstair to chase us up from the playground!
I miss those days when you bring me to kindergarten and buy me sweets!
外公 , 外婆 我爱你 .❤

@ 10:05 PM

I realise i'm on blogger since february 2008.
But, i only started blogging since july 2009.

@ 8:44 PM
School was ok today.
Coughing in the class till wanna die liao!
Got back my mother tongue prelim paper.
Huat ah!
17 / 20.
Without copying and cheating, i got 17!
Sometime, miracle do happen!

Posting more at my private blog,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 @ 9:17 AM
Currently feeling better.
Fever have gone down.
36.5 degree now.
But cough haven recover.





Monday, July 27, 2009 @ 9:04 AM
I think i fall sick at the wrong timing.
N level is coming, i dont have much time for me to fall sick.
If by tomorrow i don't get well, i need to consult the doctor again.
It could be H1N1.
I want to get well soon!
Very xin ku sia!

Friday, July 24, 2009 @ 4:06 PM

N level Chinese Oral today.
It's difficult!
I think i won't get good grades.
After Oral, receive a message from my aunt.
About my grandpa condition.
He's having mild lung infection. If it get worse, he might be hospitalise. And his cancer seems to be spreading. Especially his lymph nodes. This caused bad fluid drainage in his body so his left hand is swollen.
Grandpa, i believe you will get well.
I love you grandpa.
I love my grandparents.
I will pray hard.

@ 9:20 AM
Was told by my mum yesterday that my Grandparents are sick.
Grandpa got fever.
& Grandma hurt her hand.
I'm busy to go visit them.
Might go this saturday or what.
Let hope they get well.
And i know they will.

Let's pray!

Thursday, July 23, 2009 @ 2:50 PM
Woke up around 5.40am.
Bath and prepare.
Left home around 6.40am.
Bus down to school.
Reach around 7am.
Walk to school and wait for Jun Wei, Jessica and Chun Howe.
Went to school. Without handbook.
Walk in straight, so lucky that the teacher never stop us.
Had English Prelim Paper 1.
From 8.45am to 9.55am.
Recess and went back to the hall at 10.35am.
English Prelim Paper 2 started at 10.45am to 11.55am.
After that went to DnT workshop to finish my DnT.
Stupid me, go give Mr Yeo my EZ link card.
Left school around 2.15pm.
Without my EZ link card -.-
Cab home.

Today English Paper is super tough!
Paper 1 most difficult!
Paper 2 is a bit difficult!
I think i gonna fail, if not border line.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 @ 1:27 PM
I thought there is no sun today?
But why did the sun appear?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 @ 5:01 PM
Left house around 6.50am today.
Was about to late, so cab to great eastern.
Meet Chunhowe there.
Had Chinese prelim paper.
From 8.28am to 8.58am.
Our class suppose to dismiss at 8.58am.
But need to stay back for CPA and DnT.
Those who had DnT went fo DnT.
The rest went to CPA.
So i was DnT, i went to the workshop.
Started doing my things.
Went out of school to get my pallete sticker.
Had lunch and went back to the workshop.
Stay back till around 2pm.
Was piss off due to the annoying students who make the teacher angry.
And the teacher was Mr Teo.
Those annoying students didn't want to do their work.
And don't even know how to do simple things.
So Mr Teo was angry and was shouting 9am - 2pm.
Non stop.
It's freaking piss off hearing him shout and shout and shout.
And the stupid printer ran out of ink.
More piss off!
Couldn't print colour.
Wtf lors. So printed black and white.
Piss off!
Make my whole thing look weird.
Left school around 2.10pm.
Saw xiaoxin outside school.
Cab home after that.

No school tomorrow.
Cause its social studies prelim.
Our class don't have.
But need go back for CPA and DnT.
Wondering, should i go back?
Damn tired!

Sunday, July 19, 2009 @ 7:55 PM
Currently at cousin house having steamboat.

@ 10:35 AM
Woke up early today.
Woke up around 8.45am today.
But slept late yesterday.
Kinda tired now.
Might be going out to see car racing later.

Saturday, July 18, 2009 @ 10:12 PM
Playing Beat up nowadays. LOL. Cause i'm really a noob at Beat up.

After audi, joke. Went to msn. Bird chat. Joke!

@ 7:18 PM
Play Audition with Wei mama ( Jun Wei ) that bitch of mine.
Look at my attire and the text we say.

@ 5:23 PM
School as usual.
After school got chinese prelim listening comprehension.
Actually never go.
But Mr Choo told Chun Howe to ask me go.
Then bo bian.
Went back.
Had listening comprehension then went to find Audrey.
Then went smoking area smoke while waiting for JunWei to come back from Eunos
Junwei and Audrey accompany me go home.
Cab home, bath and slack awhile.
Then cab to Jun Wei house.
Bought cigarettes at his house downstair.
Actually me and Jun wei quit smoking liao.
But start back.
Junwei bath and we slack at his house awhile.
Head to tampines after that.
Took bus 31 down.
Meet Xiu Wen at tampines.
Took shuttle bus to Tampines big big Giant.
Bought food and stuff.
Cab to audrey house.
Prepare the food and started eating around 6.30pm.
Xiu Wen left around 7.30pm.
And Leonard came around 8.00pm.
I call that bloody bird, she just woke up.
So i jio her come.
She bath and cab down.
Reach there around 8.30pm.
Talk eat play slack smoke at audrey house.
Left her house around 11pm.
Walk to tampines interchange.
Slack slack.
Reach inter at 11.25pm.
Just nice for the last bus.
Pei Bird bird and junwei take 31.
Alight at Bloody bird house there and slack awhile.
Cab home after that.
Reach home around 1.
Fun day.

Woke up around 1.20pm.
Ate chicken rice for breakfast / lunch.
Watch tv till 3pm.
Went to sleep again.
Woke up around 4.30pm.
Super tired.
Boring day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009 @ 10:26 PM
I realise that i started blogging on 28 march.
Till now, 3 months 18 days.
155 posts.
Time really fly.

I wanna to recover from my irritating flu!

@ 8:30 PM
Steamboat yesterday night!
School is fun?
N level is around the corner!

Steamboat tomorrow night!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 @ 6:37 PM
Left home around 2.20pm.
Cab to school.
Cause of DnT.
So did my presentation board.
Left around 5.10pm.
Went to eat and cab home.
I burn my hand!
Might be going for steamboat later!


@ 8:19 AM
Didn't go to school today.
Sore throat, flu and stupid rashes!
Bored life...


Tuesday, July 14, 2009 @ 7:49 PM
Play audi with bird bird.
Play club.
LOL, she my partner uhs.
Won 2 times.
Buey pai uhs.
After that chunhowe came in. Play few rounds beat up.
And play normal.
Play the song ti amo.
Miracle do happen!
I can do Finish move and Cfm of 156bpm!
Wow. First time do this cfm!


@ 6:00 PM
Went to school today.
Left house around 7.
Cab to school outside bus stop meet chunhowe.
3 lessons CPA then 3 lessons EBS then 1 lesson Maths.
6 lessons in computer lab. Shiok.
Cpa was kinda bored.
Ebs was fun, with Marcus Tang teaching us.
Maths was bored, but i did maths paper today!
Head home after school.
FIrst time reaching home so early during school days.
Receive a message from Xiao Xin ( ah hao's xiao xin )


@ 5:41 PM

Smoking at Iluma toilet.

*Photos taken by bird bird, not reflection please! LOL!

Woke up around 6.30am due to messages that i receive from Leonard, Wei Cheng and Jiahao.
So went back to sleep after that.
Woke up around 7.30am.
Came online and went to bath etc.
Play Audition for a while.
Wait for bird bird online.
Left home around 10.30am.
Went to buy cigarettes then cab to Bird bird house.
Reach bird bird house find her then we bus to 201 buy my file.
Meet Chunhowe there for lunch.
After that Chunhowe went home.
Bird and me bus to Tampines mall to buy our studs.
Cab to my house, i put the file and off my computer cause i went out without off-ing it.
After that cab to Bugis, walk walk see see.
Bird went to fu lu shou to cut hair and she curl her hair! Pretty seh!
Went to Iluma walk walk.
Went to the toilet and started slacking inside there.
That bloody bird don't believe that i dare to smoke inside the toilet.
So i smoke in the toilet.
After that bus to paya lebar.
Bird went to buy her contact lens.
After that went to citi plaza, bird went to buy phone.
Huat ah!
Cab to her house, she put the phone things down and walked to ECP.
We 2 only leh, so ro ma tic eh.
Wanted to eat the BBQ but haven open.
So went to arcade play, bird happy ah.
Then went downstair, the BBQ never open.
Joke. so shag liao.
Went to the sweet machine wasted $21 on the machine for a big bag of sweets and one big toy.
Look very sia suey carrying 2 big bags, like auntie. LOL!
Went to bird house downstair buy food and went up to eat.
Slack at her house awhile.
Left around 10.10pm.
Slack at the roadside awhile and cab home.
Super fun day!


@ 6:34 AM
Day out with Birdy bird.
Shall post what happen later on.
Off to school!
Let's hope that bird will meet me later after school!

I love that bloody bird!


Monday, July 13, 2009 @ 9:20 AM
Out with bird bird later.
Will post if got any photo.



Sunday, July 12, 2009 @ 9:48 PM
to Chng Hui Shan: anyhow ah u.
LOL wanted to type at msn, but end up typing here.

Home cook food for dinner. So long never eat home cook food liao! Felt blessed.

R. Those words i wanna say to you is writen in there.
I'm still keeping my promise.

I wonder why people wanna be flirts?
Can somebody answer me?


@ 9:52 AM

Yesterday night went to Golden Mile for dinner.
Found beef in the plate, wtf.
We even cook it in the soup.
Wtf. Should complain!
But never.
Damn suey nowadays.
So gam with beef.
After eating went shopping.
Bought 1 pair of slipper and shoe.
Huat ah!
fuck the world!

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