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Friday, October 30, 2009 @ 10:15 PM
5 of my cousins came to my houes just now.
Went to my house downstairs for dinner with Grandma.

I miss Grandpa!
14 days without him.
Really feels so weird.
Sometime, things remind me of you.
And i will start to wonder, how are you?
What are you doing now?
A lot of question marks... ...
Everything goes wrong without you.
I misses those days,
You call me and ask where i am? Am i home? Have i taken my meals?
You bought mee siam from Little india to my house.
Grandpa, you really mean a lot to me.
I know, no point saying it now.
As least i have treat you good when you were alive,
and not by saying all these when you're gone.


@ 5:21 PM
Woke up at 1o plus.
Wanted to go down meet Wei Cheng and all.
But rain so big.
End up staying at home.
Around 12, bus down to Great eastern.
Slack at eunos block there.
Go some problem to settle.
After that, around 2.40 walk to Eunos interchange.
Slack at there.
Talk cock.
Cab home after that.

Cousins coming to my house later on.
Going out for dinner with Cousins and Ah Ma.

Working tomorrow.
Got buffet.

@ 12:09 AM
Meet Natalie around 10am at her house downstairs.
Cab to Parkway for mac breakfast.
Had mac breakfast and play arcade for a while.
Try catching some sweets using $16. -.-
Around 12plus cab down to Tampines.
Chunhowe house downstair.
Get my haircut.
Than cab to Whitesand.
Don't know why we went there for also.
Went there go to the toilet and train to tampines. -.-
Kinda lame though.
Meet Chunhowe at T1.
Went shopping at Topshop.
After that Huiqing called and say he coming down.
He came down and we went to the arcade.
Play a few games.
Laughing like mad when we play basketball.
Around 4.30, chunhowe is going to work.
Than we train together.
Me and Bird alight at Eunos.
Went to have buffet from 5.30 till 8 like that.
Had alot of fun while eating.
After eating, accompanied her home to change.
Than she accompanied me home to change too.
Went jogging at my house downstairs.
Started jogging around 10pm.
Less than 300m, than buey tahan liao.
Went for a drink.
After that, continues jogging.
Jog till around 11.15.
Went to my house downstair sit sit awhile.
And went home.

The pathetic $16 sweets! ):
Spot my cute little watch! Haha!! Picking up the basketball. And than dumping into the ring. Highest score! 815! Try beating our record! Jogging look? LOL! For a while.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 @ 7:03 PM
Woke up at 5am.
Bath and left home around 5.45am.
Took 854 to Yishun.
Went to buy Teh ice for Charmaine.
Meet Terence and Charmaine around 6.45am at their house downstairs.
Drove to Tuas.
Work... ...
Ended work around 3pm.
Drove back to North Point.
Shop eat talk... ...
Cab home after that.

Tomorrow going out!
Need to have a haircut, like grass!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 @ 7:45 PM
Don't know what's wrong with my internet the pass few days.

Meet Natalie and Junwei at sunday night to slack.

Working tomorrow.

I've stop smoking on 26 October. Hope i can make it!
Anything for Grandpa!


Sunday, October 25, 2009 @ 1:33 PM
Mr Tay,
Mr Neelan,
Meihua... ...
For those supports that you guys gave me the last few days... ...

Jessica... ...
For coming down to the wake.

Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 11:16 PM
Gone forever.
You will always be remember, Grandpa.
Those time we had, those joy we shared will always be remembered.
Grandpa, you are the greatest guy i ever seen.
I love you Grandpa! I miss you!
Take care and enjoy your life without medication and needles all over you!
17 October 2009, 12.57am.
I will be a good girl, i will quit smoking.
Anything for you.
Don't worry.
We are all doing great here!
I love you!

Sistership is back on 19 October 2009.


Friday, October 23, 2009 @ 4:19 PM
R.I.P Grandpa.
We miss you.
We love you Grandpa!
17 October, 12.57am.
Today is the 7th day since you left us.

Might be MIA-ing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009 @ 3:45 AM
Rest.In.Peace. , Grandpa! We love you! 171009; 12.20am.

Woke up around 9.30am.
Cab to Dehao house.
Slack at his house.
Went to Hougang point for mac.
After that, cab to Dehao house.
Slack and took a nap.
Cab down to Pasir Ris, my Aunt house.
Accompany my Grandma as my Grandpa was admitted to the hospital at the early morning.
Ate dinner and train down to Outram park.
When the train reached Eunos, received a call from my Mum telling me to get off the train and cab to SGH.
Went down and cab there.
Reached there, many people were there.
Grandpa is very very breathless.
He use the oxygen tank to breath.
Very xinku.
The doctor say, very low chance to survive.
Around 10plus, some people went back.
Left 4 of my cousins, Aunt and Grandma.
We stay behind.
around 12, Grandpa started to breath lesser and lesser.
He left us, at 12.20am.
He manage to put through a day.
Long stories to continues again.

R.I.P Grandpa!
We love you!

Friday, October 16, 2009 @ 1:29 PM
Terrible night... ...
Can't sleep.
Slept at 1.30am and woke up at 3.30am.
Couldn't sleep.
Message with Junwei and i think he doze off.
Than message with Natalie.
Woke her up from her sleep.
Message till 5.30am.
Than i'm off to sleep.
Slept till 9.30am today.
Bath and went out.
Receive a news from my Aunt that my another Aunt is sending Grandpa to A&E.
Cab to Dehao house with him.
Than bus to Hougang point for lunch.
Mega mcspicy for lunch.
And bought 6 lighters! LOL!
Cab back to Dehao house after that.

Thanks Natalie Tan Bird Bird for accompanying me throughout the night!

Grandpa get well soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009 @ 10:51 PM
Cab to Dehao house around 12 plus.
Slack at his house.
Cook for him porridge while he go bath.
Play hamster awhile, although i run no road ( zhao bo lou ).
After that, cab to Pasir Ris.
Went to my Aunt house.
Grandparents was taking a nap.
So play PSP downstair.
Didn't go upstairs.
After that, went up and my Grandparents woke up.
Grandpa look kinda weak today.
Heard that he just vomited.
After that, cab to Parkway to find Natalie and her sister.
Walked around PP.
Bought a thing, photo below.
The thing cost $13.90.
Engraving cost $12.50.
Had mega mcspicy for dinner.
After that cab to Eunos.
Slack at Eunos for quite a long time.
Waited for the " Weird aunt ".
Sat at the playground.
Than suddenly a lizard drop on Dehao leg.
Me and Natalie run no road. LOL!
Slack till around 10 plus.
Walk Natalie home and Dehao came my house to stay.

The oneh-oneh stall is no longer there. ) :
Life is short. Sometimes, we should learn to let go.

@ 1:15 PM
Woke up around 10 plus.
Came online and watch baby bonus.
Wanted to have lunch with Natalie and Junwei.
But end up never.
So cab to Dehao house.
Currently at his house.
Going out later.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 6:06 PM

Woke up around 8 plus.
Came online, AFK and went back to sleep.
Slept till 11 plus.
Nothing to do, bored.
Watch Baby Bonus at Mobtv, end up falling asleep for 2 hours.
Life without school is so bored!

Someone just delivered 2 pack of cigarettes to my house this morning!

The oneh-oneh stall is no longer there. ) :

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Woke up early in the morning.
Meet Natalie and Chunhowe at Eunos there around 9.30am.
Walk to school outside.
Meet Jun wei outside school.
After that went to Eunos to settle some taiji.
Bus to Natalie's Mum house to get something around 12pm.
Ate lunch at the nearby market.
Went up with Junwei.
Bus to Tampines after that.
Meet Weicheng, Shuhui and Jarnet at there.
Jun Wei and me went to dye hair again.
2 times in 2 days. -.-
Weicheng and his friends left.
After that, slacktalkcock.
Than went for dinner.
After dinner, went to the shop behind to play some games.
I got the 1st prize, a soccer ball.
But i never take, i return the Aunt.
We took 3 water " Gun ".
Behaving like a fool.
Pathetic Jun wei got himself so wet.
Suddenly a small girl came. I helped her to refill her gun.
She shoot it at Junwei the first time.
And keep on shooting at Junwei after that.
Damn joke.
Walk to bus stop.
Talking craps.
And i suddenly said,
Me: How i wish... ...
Jun Wei: ... ... i'm a fool.
Me: Your mother is my backside.
Jun Wei: 嗯,没礼貌啦你!

Damn joke.
Took bus 59.
Natalie and Junwei alight first.
I stop after that.
Meet my Uncle.
Went to AMK ave 10 for fishhead steamboat.
Home after that.


Any idea what's this?
What are you thinking about?! It's a balloon larhs dey!
The start of water gun fight.
Pathetic, end up getting so wet.
The gun that started all those fights and water fighting. LOL!
The "lost girl" and me.
The lost girl refilling the gun with water.
End up shooting it at Jun Wei.
Jun Wei's hair.

It have been a long time ever since i drank plain water.
Should stop drinking Green Tea.

Don't think will be going out tomorrow.
Sleep whole day.
Eyebag. o.o

Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 10:45 PM
Meet Natalie at her house downstair around 7.50am.
Walked to buy cigarettes and meet Chunhowe there.
Off to Eunos for Breakfast meet Junwei and richard there..
Drank softdrinks -.-
After that, train to Raffles place.
Went for " interview ".
Craps at there.
I was told that i can't work, cause i'm 15.
Than all of them don't want to work also.
See, how good friends do i have. One for all, all for one.
The guy told us to go to City hall.
Went there and signed up the forms.
But end up, don't want work.
LOL. Kinda crappies.
Wanted to have Mac for lunch.
Reached mac at 11.36am.
Few more minutes to 12pm, means Mc value lunch.
So we wait outside the mac.
Sound kana kiasu. Haha!
Smoketalkcock outside.
Around 12pm, we went in for lunch!
LOL!!! Ate for quite a long time.
Talking alot of craps.
Train down to Eunos around 1pm.
Junwei and richard went in to school first.
They scare late.
So i slack at Eunos block with Natalie and Chunhowe.
Wanted to go in late for the paper, but felt kinda bad.
So went in around 1.40pm.
Paper started at 2pm.
I did the paper for around 30 minutes and went to sleep.
Difficult paper.
After the paper, went out to find Chunhowe and Natalie.
Received a call from Jiahao telling us to meet at smoking area.
Went there to find them, Nevin, Earl, Jiahao and Weicheng was there.
Smoke talk craps.
Bus to Tampines.
Went to the salon with Jiahao, Nevin, Chunhowe, Junwei and Natalie.
Dye our hair.
Had a hard time choosing the stupid colours.
Dye half way, Jiahao left.
Dye hair until 6 like that.
Went to eat fried rice.
Than off to Century square.
Had alot of craps and fight with Natalie while walking to Century square.
We slack at Century Square 3rd floor lift outside the sofa.
Natalie did a funny joke.
She sit back and her head bang the wall.
The head bang on the wall so loud.
But she only said " Ouch ". LOL!
Bus home with Chunhowe, Nevin and Natalie.
Slack at Ubi there with Natalie.
Walked her to the bridge and i walk home.

Will be meeting the 3 of them tomorrow again!

It've been a long time ever since the 4 of us went out!
Huat ah! LOL!

Retard's Howe!
Taken by Bird, unglam faces.
Tan Jun Wei Aka Bitch!3 arkaliaos fighting? LOL! Natalie biting fingers! United as one. One for all, all for one. Jun Wei trying to hit the flies face. LOL!The perfect one.

Finally school days is over.
But i will miss Telok Kurau Secondary School.
Especially my beloved teachers!

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