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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 @ 8:30 PM
What i could do now is wish all of you the best in your studies and in your future endeavours.
Good luck in your N and O.
Hope you guys study hard and get the best for your results and get into the course you all want.
I'll be here whenever you guys need me.
I'll be looking at your from far apart.
I'll still be the same old wei ting you all know.
Thanks for being there whenever i need you guys.
Having you guys in my life is the best part i ever had!
Thanks a lot.
Really love and miss you all!!

@ 8:01 PM
10 of us, all of you mean a thing to me...
But the 4 of you, mean the most to me.
And there's only 1 left here being with me...

1: You had be the one i ever trusted so much for. The one i first did so much for a friend. I don't mind sacrificing all this for you. I miss you so much as a friend. We did a lot of nonsensical things together, we did funny things. We sneaked out during midnight and had fun. I miss prawning, cycling, pool, sun tanning, KTV, slacking and a lot more things i did with you. Among all, you meant the most to me. You're the one i need, the one i hope to be there for me whenever i am down. Before we started this 10 people, there was only the 2 of us. Yeah, i regretted mixing with all of them. I'm selfish... Yes, the reason why i don't wanna mix together is because you tend to leave me out more often. I really miss you alot.. I had things are all fine for you now.. Hope you remember those things i did for you, and i hope you remember and keep all those things i told you in heart.. I love you and miss you bro...

2: Nothing much to say about you. I'm only left with you now. Even though things wasn't as stable as it was before. We quarrel more often now. We ain't meeting up as much as before. But thanks for being there whenever i needed you to be around. I love you and miss you sis...

3: You always shared things with me everyday. mostly every night you called me and we will chat on the phone. Most of the time, i fell asleep. I apologized for that, cause i was really sleepy and was working almost everyday. You always tell me, i dont need you anymore. You guys always assume and thought that will be it. You always cheer me up when i'm down. I still remember our day out with one of the other on christmas, i really had fun with you both that day. You always talked nonsense just to cheer me up. Our grafiti, our nicknames. I still remember. And thanks for buying all those spongebob stuffs for me.. Thanks a lot.. Things would be better if you're back, but i know you'll say. You'll only know why i am doing all these if i were you. how would i know if you dont wanna tell me? Im not a worm in your mind.. We had misunderstanding in the past, but we managed to get over it. But whats happening now? I love and miss you sis...

4: We cycled, we played skyrunner. We did a lot of shit together. You shared you problems with me. You'll look for me when you're down and share it with me. I'm willing to be your listening ears. But why ain't you looking for me anymore? I share with you my problems too... You are willing to stay with me till late night when im down even though you know your mum gonna scold you. Thanks son.. I love and miss you son...

To the 4 of you, i may be keeping silent. But that doesn't mean you're no longer part of my life anymore. You guys are parts and parcels of my life. We really drifted far apart. I no longer understand all of you. You guys no longer look for me. You guys moved on, but i'm still wandering here. Im missing all of you badly. I want all of you back in my life. Without one, everything seems different. But now, all left and im left with one. Life's suffering hard now. If i were given a choice starting from 2010 january. I will still be close with you all and go through those ups and downs together. But this time, i gonna do things differently. I'll cherish all of you.. I wont take it for granted anymore.. I really hope all 5 of us will be back together as one.. I really want you guys back!!! ):


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