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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 @ 7:03 PM
13 years of teaching in Telok kurau secondary school.
We'll miss you!

Kinda miss those days we had together.
If what i saw today was true,
last long then.

Monday, March 30, 2009 @ 4:46 PM
Vandalise my School Uniform. But who give a damn? Look like chinese school eh? LOL.It was a fine monday.
I meet Vivian at the traffic light today instead of the bus stop, cause i was late, cause i went to smoke in the morning.
Have assembly in the morning. After that we got CPA common test, but didn't have any test.
So we did our CPA homework.
After that we have our CPA lesson for 3 periods. Fell asleep as it was boring.
Had our recess at 11.40, ate till 12.00.
After recess, it was maths lesson. Mr Albert Lim was absent, so Mr Paul relieve. We did our maths paper. After Maths.
Had 2 lesson of Mr Paul lesson, we did our Prelim Oral, it was kinda difficult. And i scored 22/30 :D
While Mr Paul is having the Oral. Shauki ( Desiree boyfriend ) pass me a piece of paper, he ask me to open it but i was afraid and he refuse to tell me what's inside, so i press on the paper. In the end got water come out, then he told me that its cockroach -.-'' I went to wash my hand with Aisyah. Then i came back to class room. Chun Howe step on the paper and it became like this.

Rest in peace cockroach
After that, caught Junwei vandalising the table.

After the english lesson, wanted to go out of the class, but that bloody Junwei was blocking the door. So i push the door and the screw from the door drop down. Lousy.
Went to find Jessica, Vivian, Natasha and Desiree.
Jessica and Desiree got Physics remedial. So Terence, Vivian, Natasha and Jiahao accompany to eat.
And all of us was walking out of school, was at the carpark. Then Rizan and Faiz was playing catching, and Faiz bang until Jiahao, his phone drop on the floor. He was f. angry. He walk towards Faiz and shouted at him. But a teacher saw, so he talk to Jiahao.
Then we continue to walk to the coffee shop, we passby 4 foreigners. They said: "After school ahs? I love you, mwacks." Haha! Joker.
When we at the coffee shop, while eating. A big wind blow towards us. The cans and cups all toppled down. Natasha and Vivian was screaming like... ... Haha. So paisae, many people turn to look at us.

Read in Peace, Vivian, Desiree and Natasha.

*Sorry for the Grandmother stories*

Reminder to 4T1 Students:
There's a maths remedial tomorrow from 2.40 - 3.40.

Happy 17th Birthday Rameezah!

Sunday, March 29, 2009 @ 10:38 PM
A big THANKS for Huishan for helping me to do my blog (:
I know it's mafan, but you still manage to help me alot.But.....
Still thanks..

Fuck the world!
What's with guys and female?!
Any difference?
Both RED blood what!

@ 10:57 AM
Receive this 3 soft toys from my Uncle.

From Malaysia

From China

Thanks Uncle!

Natasha and Vivian, thanks for helping me through my blog.

I know it's kinda ma fan.
But thanks.

Sistership x33

Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 3:07 PM
Was flipping through some photo albums.
Found alot of photo, but i only took some.

Botanic garden

No idea where am i.

Spot me if you can, cause i got no idea which one is me xD

At my Grandparents house,
the place where i grew up.

At Tampines Mall

Preparing to go school.

Trip to malaysia (Berjaya Time Square)

Sending my Aunt family off at the airport.
Going to Beijing for a long time.

Trip to China

Trip to Hong Kong

Trip to Pulau Ubin

CNY, trip to River Angbao.

After looking through all those photos,
i realised that my childhood time was not wasted.

I'm glad that my family and cousins all are very close.
& not forgetting the F5 ( Weiting, Dehao, Huiqing, Qianhao & William)

Dehao, Weiting, Qianhao, Willam & Huiqing
forever cousins!

@ 9:39 AM
I created this blog long ago. But didn't post anything. Created for fun.
Did he really meant it by saying those words?
Believe me, that won't happen.
Never ever... ...
Cherish what i'm having now instead of regretting it later.

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